10 settembre

La Fetta del Diavolo

ENG: Tuma is a precious cheese made at Murazzano, in Italy, that seems to have true benefic properties for humans. A legend uncovers the relationship between the product and the habitants of the town. ITA: A Murazzano si produce un formaggio, “la Tuma”, che pare avere proprietà benefiche su chi lo consuma. Tramite una leggenda scopriamo il rapporto tra gli abitanti e questo magico formaggio.


Sergio, uomo solo e all’apparenza burbero, si ritrova
improvvisamente a condividere la sua quotidianità
con un uovo cascatogli una sera in giardino che darà
poi vita a quello che sarà per lui un “bambino”. La
vita riserverà un duro colpo ai due che daranno
prova di essere una vera e propria famiglia, in cui ci si
prende cura l’uno dell’altro.

Season Of Mine

An old man returns to his native village during harvest season in an effort to remember and reflect on his childhood. The place has changed with time.

Inspiration in Nature

Dee Bailey creates 2D paintings of nature using modelling clay as her medium. When she was the artist in residence in Tombstone Territorial Park, she gained a deeper understanding of why she makes art about nature.

The Secrets of Wild Honey

Guided by the wild bees we join a group of russian old-believers. They say if you go deeper inside russian taiga-forest, there is a way into a parallel universe!
In this journey we try to find out why Altai region has such a mysterious background. Maybe the bees know the answer?


Sola e con una straordinaria forza di volontà, Melina ha scelto di intraprendere un viaggio nell’ignoto sacrificando la propria famiglia per difendere la Santa Madre Terra. La spazzatura che ha invaso ogni angolo del mondo è l’espressione e la conferma dell’agire umano contro natura, il movimento di Melina è un operare demiurgico per riportare luce nel cuore delle persone e per portare fisicamente ordine nel disordine quotidiano. Un documentario che racconta il lavoro umile e silenzioso di una donna che ha dato la sua vita per il prossimo.
All alone and with an extraordinary amount of willpower, Melina has chosen to undertake a journey into the unknown, sacrificing her own family to defend Holy Mother Earth. The rubbish that has invaded every corner of this world expresses and confirms humanity’s actions against nature. Melina’s mission is a demiurgic effort to restore light into people’s hearts and to physically reinstate order within the disorder of the everyday. This documentary depicts the humble and silent work of a woman who has given her life for her fellow beings.


Prey is a visual and poetic exploration of the effects of power lines on the birds of prey within their surrounding ecosystems. Adapted to nest and hunt from the nearest points to the sky, the birds themselves fall prey to the contemporary hunger for electricity. As power lines litter the horizon where forests once sprouted, owls, hawks, and herons are left with no choice but to gamble their lives in order to survive.


Breastmilk comes quietly into the world at the time of birth to raise newborns. Sometimes they go even further and nourish more little lives through milk banks.

my dear quarantine

“My dear quarantine” is a short, simple story from the time of pandemic–a poetic view of isolation, loneliness and boredom.

The inspiration for the film came during the complete lockdown, when many of us suffered from being closed up in concrete cubes. At the same time, however, something extraordinary happened: wild animals all over the world, intrigued by the sudden silence and peace, visited city centers.