What Ortometraggi Film Festival is?


Ortometraggi Film Festival is the short film festival that tells the relationship between the man and the Earth, nature.

What do we eat? What kind of relationship do we have with food?

Does a “new possible” exist? In which direction are we going?

What are the urgencies that bind the human soul to Mother Earth ?

Environmental awareness. Sustainability. Circular economy. Waste and resources. Future and hopes.


_To Italian and foreign filmmakers, professionals and amateurs of the sector, Earth lovers and environmental supporters able to spread a clear message.

_Particular importance is given to first works: short films of directors who are making their debut and have never had a film produced or distributed in a festival or in other occasions. We believe in the importance of supporting and involving aspiring filmmakers in the competition and participation of the festival.

_To students of middle school and high school in order to bring them  closer to environmental issues through the OFF-School Edition project.

_To university students, to let them express themselves and have the chance to compare themselves with professionals of the sector.

How to participate

Registration is officially open!
You can upload your short film by choosing one of the following platforms:
_Film Freeway
_Click For Festivals
_Google Form

_Download and read the Call for entries, go to Participate” section and follow the instructions to register!

  Registration deadline: 20_03_2020_

Film categories

The festival is divided into sections:

_Documentary or DocuFilm section: max 25 minutes duration
_Fiction section– a film genre: max 15 minutes duration
_Animated short section : max 15 minutes duration

_VideoArt section: max 7 minutes duration

_OFF-School Edition section: Middle and high school classes with short films lasting 6 minutes can also participate. There is no gender limitation. The only criterion to be met is thematic relevance.

Awards 2020

_1st Prize – Best Documentary short film
_1st Prize – Best Fiction short film
_1st Prize – Best Animated short film
_Prize – Best Ortometraggio – Best thematic short film

_Best Video Art short film
_Mention Best Director
_Menntion Best First Work

For the categories “Best Documentary Short Film”, “Best Fiction Short Film” and “Best Animated Short Film” the prize consists in:
_A 300 euros award each
_Ortometraggi Film Festival Trophy
_Distribution of the awarded short film in the circuit of the cinemas of the distribution company Quasicinema (TBD)
_The award parchment

For the category “Best Ortometraggio” the prize consists in:
_A 200 euros award
_Ortometraggi Film Festival Trophy
_The award parchment

For the category “Best Video Art Short Film” the prize consists in:
_Ortometraggi Film Festival Trophy
The award parchment

The jury will also confer an award parchment for each special mention.