In 1845, Henry David Thoreau, the philosopher and naturalist built a cabin in the woods at Walden Pond in Concord Massachusetts. On his final day at Walden, he reads an excerpt from his notebook and is reminded of his transcendental journey within nature…


Two polar bears are driven into exile due to global warming. They will encounter brown bears along their journey, with whom they will try to cohabitate.

The hapiness of some

Achille is a dairy farmer whose son, Félix, comes to visit his father for a week end. During this time, this young father, exhausted by his work and slowly giving up on his passion, will be confronted to his son, passionate about the work and the life in the farm.

Thin Ice

Followed by his faithful cameraman, a shady reporter takes off on a journey to document a presumed exctinct species.


Prey is a visual and poetic exploration of the effects of power lines on the birds of prey within their surrounding ecosystems. Adapted to nest and hunt from the nearest points to the sky, the birds themselves fall prey to the contemporary hunger for electricity. As power lines litter the horizon where forests once sprouted, owls, hawks, and herons are left with no choice but to gamble their lives in order to survive.


Breastmilk comes quietly into the world at the time of birth to raise newborns. Sometimes they go even further and nourish more little lives through milk banks.

Sad Beauty

In a heavily polluted world, a young woman mourns the disappearance of animal species. When she falls ill due to a bacterial infection, nature appears to send her a message in her hallucinations.

my dear quarantine

“My dear quarantine” is a short, simple story from the time of pandemic–a poetic view of isolation, loneliness and boredom.

The inspiration for the film came during the complete lockdown, when many of us suffered from being closed up in concrete cubes. At the same time, however, something extraordinary happened: wild animals all over the world, intrigued by the sudden silence and peace, visited city centers.


Gowbangi is a deer mating season in which hunters imitate the sound of a deer using a device called Gowbang.