Absence of Light

Light protects us from our fundamental fear of the dark. But where there is light, there must be shadow. We live in a technological era where our dependence on energy is greater than ever before. It became an irreplaceable commodity and has taken us from a natural life into an artificial one. Yet what seems like our given reality is a fragile concept that can desert whenever the sun decides to pull the plug on us.

Studies at Huningue / Basel or the tree to sleep

It is the artistic documentation of aesthetic swarm intelligence. The middle part of the essay film gives the impression that the starlings did their meditative rounds only for my cameras after my direction. These six minutes essentially consist of an en bloc shot, which I adjusted to the track frame-accurately with only a few cuts. I leave the stage to the swarms of starlings, they are art! It’s about perception.


In one single night, in October 2018, rain and wind tore down 14 million trees, transforming a lush mountain landscape in northern Italy into an apocalyptic ground, with environmental consequences that will affect life in the area for many a decades to come. In Carnia, one of the worst hit areas, 400 of those trunks were retrieved, and from there travelled to Syracuse, opposite end of Italy, where on theGreek theater stage they gained a last role, as mute witnesses of both tragedies.
The film tells their journey as if through their own eyes, along 1500 Km and across a variety of landscapes, colors and sounds.
In una sola notte, nell’ottobre 2018, pioggia e vento abbattono 14 milioni di alberi, trasformando distese di boschi montani in uno scenario apocalittico, con conseguenze ambientali ed economiche incalcolabili. In Carnia, una delle zone più colpite, 400 di quei tronchi vengono recuperati e partono per il teatro greco di Siracusa, dove, protagonisti della scena, diventano muti testimoni di entrambe le tragedie. Il film racconta il viaggio attraverso il loro punto di vista, seguendoli per oltre 1500 km, nell’ avvicendarsi di paesaggi, colori, suoni.

Director Biography – Stefano Santamato

The Boat

A boat navigates a tumultuous sea of mushrooms whilst searching for her lost sister ship.


This music video is an impromptu creation after hearing a file recording of music title BALM, pointed to by Paul Hubweber, the trombonist Ebba Jahn has been working with before, this time in a duo with double bass player Joscha Oetz, all three from Germany.
Hearing it, recalled this amazing nature scene…

GREEN – Tomá Ivanov

The music video “GREEN” tries to change reality
using different means. Through reflections,
duplications, and deceptions, the protagonist in his
old VW Golf embarks on a partly surreal journey
through a barren, rugged moonscape.

Widow’s End

The perils of isolation and climate instability meet in this split screen video set against the backdrop of a volcanic red rock quarry in southern Iceland. Caught in an extreme, inhospitable landscape, a lone woman finds herself enveloped in a swath of black fabric. This collision of her inner and outer realities elicits a visual tableaux that is both beautiful and horrific in its invocation of loss.